Tesla Model S Plaid Totalled In $150,000 Road Rage Incident

On the highway in Texas, a Tesla Model S Plaid driver was driving his new electric vehicle when he claims a pickup truck driver began to obstruct him. Deshawn, the Tesla owner, says he did nothing to vex the pickup truck driver, so he had no clue what caused what appeared to be a road rage assault.

We often remind readers in these instances that we never know the full story or what may have prompted the road rage incident. If you view the video from Wham Baam Teslacam, though, you’ll notice that the pickup truck driver is making poor and hazardous decisions, as demonstrated by his weaving and chasing of the Tesla.

DeShawn claims he sped up and maneuvered through traffic in order to create a gap between his vehicle and the truck. He explained that he’d recently heard of a road rage incident on the same roadway, in which someone was shot.

The driver of the pickup truck caught up to the Plaid, pulling up next to it and aiming something at DeShawn. He was concerned since the shooting incident was still recent in his mind. He took a late exit by crossing the freeway, sadly totaling $150,000 worth of vehicle.

DeShawn was not injured, and the other vehicle’s occupants were unharmed. He apologized profusely and accepted full responsibility for the collision. When the cops got there, he couldn’t access the Plaid’s SSD drive to show them the video, so they couldn’t do anything about the pickup truck driver right away. Fortunately, DeShawn has already received a new Model S Plaid in exchange for his ruined car.

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