Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

A number of Tesla Model S have been spotted at the Nurburgring testing on and off since the Porsche Taycan set a Nurburgring record. These of course haven’t been confirmed to be connected, but we can’t help but wonder.

This week, though, a Model S has been seen with some not-so-subtle modifications circling the German track. The first few cars were spotted with wider arches and subtle aerodynamics on the body such as a small spoiler and diffusors.

This car, which has apparently been testing the new and more powerful Plaid powertrain and sporting a red paint job, crashed into a guardrail according to Auto Motor und Sport last Friday. The driver, Swedish racer Andreas Simonsen, as unhurt after wet conditions forced the car to lose traction on a hot lap. The car hasn’t been seen since, suggesting it’s still being repaired.

Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

Now, Tesla are setting up more chargers at the iconic Green Hell, and have been testing a blue Model S which has been under quite a makeover. This specimen isn’t flying under the radar this time with a large black wing at its rear and protruding splitters to the front. Its wheels look aftermarket, suggesting a lighter weight, and it has more venting for more efficient cooling.

Observers of the car said that “the thing is damn fast, it is more like a racing car and has nothing more to do with a production model.”

Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

The powertrain of the blue model is unknown, although reports have questioned whether it, like the red, has the Plaid powertrain.

Elon Musk has stated that a Nurburgring production car record is certainly on the books for the Model S, but there is no official confirmation as of yet. What we can confirm, though, is that this new Model S will have three motors and an additional two seats at the rear.

More news to come…

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