Unplugged Performance Release Their Tuned Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s fourth current-gen full scale production car, the Model Y, is here, and our friends at Unplugged Performance have already managed to get their hands on it. There’s no doubt the Model Y is going to be one of the Californian company’s most popular cars, so of course, it’s important to get us gawping before it even hits the market. And gawping we are.

Unplugged Performance is one of very few aftermarket companies providing upgrades for Teslas, but because they have plenty of trust in Tesla’s engineering, they don’t touch the motors or batteries, instead turning their attention to the body styling, brakes, and suspension. This means owners can relax knowing their cars are in good hands and with their warranties intact, too.

This latest upgrades for the Model Y features a bodykit with more aggressive styling with hints of aerodynamic trickery. Behind the larger 21″wheels sit six-piston carbon ceramic brakes and adjustable coilover suspension, and underneath the car hides stiffer anti-roll bars.

– Unplugged Performance’s Tesla Model 3

Unplugged founder Ben Schaffer told Top Gear:

“My take on it is that we expect the Model Y to share all of the performance advantages of the Model 3 Performance. As a result, our tuning program for the Model Y will include many of our popular upgrades for the Model 3 which makes it so capable on the race track.

“Back in March we set a lap record on street tyres of 1:58.5 at Buttonwillow Raceway.” Just to put that into perspective, that’s quicker than aPorsche 911 997 GT2…

“Our belief is that the Model Y can also be tuned to nearly the same outcome on track and with even more daily comfort and utility.”

The price? Well its sits pretty at around $20,000 for the full shebang. Quite expensive then, but if you’re in the market for an aftermarket Tesla, money isn’t going to be such a worry. Let us know down below if you think it’s worth it, and if you’re thinking of trying it yourself.

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