Tesla Model X Totalled In Horrific Autobahn Crash

While traveling on the Autobahn, a Tesla Model X driver from Germany, Marcel, was clearly not paying attention when a truck driver’s unanticipated lane change made him lose control and crash.


When Marcel does eventually notice what’s going on in front of him, he violently jerks the steering wheel, suggesting that he didn’t realise what was going on. This is clearly a panic reaction, with Marcel overcompensating by jerking the steering wheel and because the Model X is rather hefty, it’s easier to upset than a lighter, lower vehicle.

Technically, the trucker is still responsible for making his lane change too abruptly, but if the Tesla had been on Autopilot or if the driver had been more aware, this accident could have been easily avoided. It’s also worth noting that this occurred during heavy rain and late at night, which is why the Model X seemed to lose control so easily.

According to Wham Baam Teslacam, the broken Model X was given a $60,000 repair estimate, therefore it was declared a total loss. Let us know in the comments who you believe is at blame for this collision.

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