Tesla Model Y In-Depth Interior Photos Revealed With Hidden Compartment

New photos of the upcoming Tesla Model Y have surfaced and they’ve given us a great look at the interior of the new all-electric crossover. Plus, a new secret compartment has been spotted. Eric Weaver, a reservation holder for the Model Y was able to take the following photos before sending them to Electrek.

This car, waiting to be delivered to somewhere in Scottsdale, Arizona, had its back seats folded down and trunk door hatch open.

There seems to be plenty of storage space despite it only being slightly larger than the Model 3. However, thanks to the larger hatch a the rear, there’s plenty of space to get luggage in and out – something that can sometimes be challenging with the 3.

Below are a couple of hidden compartments in the rear. One under the trunk like the 3, but another closer to the rear seats.

The frunk can also be seen here:

Deliveries to customers will start as soon as March 15, so we’ll look forward to finding out more about the Model Y very soon.

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