Tesla Model Y Poor Build Quality Upsets Early Customers


In a seeming repeat of the past, Tesla’s newest vehicle launch has been riddled with quality control issues. The long-awaited Model Y, which shares many aspects with its smaller Model 3 brother, also seems to share its troubling assembly flaws in early examples.

Youtuber, Car Confections, takes a closer look at an early Model Y in his recent video, and finds some atrocious QC issues. Take a look and see if these would keep you up at night.

Let’s dive into some of these examples shown in the video. Particularly the exterior panel gaps, which I find to be the most unacceptable, since they can be spotted by complete strangers casually walking by in a parking lot.

Right off the bat, the gaps around the hood are blatantly wonky. Even standing back ten to twenty feet, one would see the right side is probably 1/8 and inch smaller than the left side.

Next, we are shown the 1/4 inch gap between the door and the window trim.

At this point, any Tesla fan should be pulling their hair out. A reputation for this sort of lazy construction can’t be tolerated. The naysayers won’t let this slide, and if every model comes out with terrible early examples, the nuance will be lost for the inevitable fixes that come as production ramps up.

Then, as if to outdo themselves, Tesla’s assemblers have gone and put the wheel-well trim on crooked. Importantly, this was the case on BOTH sides. Am I crazy for thinking a whole family of mice could get in there?

Finally, to wrap up the outside, we see that the taillights are all perspired with moisture. Now, this on its own would be enough to make me think a car had bad build quality. Granted, this sort of thing happens, but when shown in context of all the other issues…just no.

So, without a doubt, the launch of the Model Y was troubled by the eminent threat of COVID shutting down the Tesla factory. We should be willing to give a tiny bit of slack, based off of the extringent circumstances surrounding these examples. However, this is unacceptable.

We all know it. Elon Musk surely knows it.

What do you guys think? Par for the course, growing pains, or not so big a deal? Make sure to check out the video for other examples not pictured above.

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