Tesla Model Y Shows Off Its Cool New Adaptive Headlights

The upcoming German-made Tesla Model Y should bring lots of upgrades to the popular all-electric crossover, including new batteries. But from a video uploaded to Twitter by user Paul Kelly, there’s one really interesting aspect to the car that we haven’t known much about so far.

In a demo by Tesla at Giga Fest at Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory in Grünheide, we get to see just how good the car’s new adaptive headlights are. With the front end of a Model Y pointing towards a wall, it’s able to shine ‘Tesla’ onto the concrete in a specific font. And while we’d expect a fuzzy, unreadable light show, this is easily good enough to understand.

This is really cool stuff and makes us very excited for the new Model Y. Although while we don’t know if these lights will be on the car from the get-go, we’re hoping they’re fitted pretty damn quickly… and maybe even programmable when safely parked off the road(please, Elon?).

These adaptive lights will help visibility for the driver of the Y on curvy roads as they shine more light in the direction the car is heading compared to straight forwards. We’re really excited to see what this brings to the car, and how competing manufacturers will rise to the challenge.

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