Tesla: New Drone Footage Shows Growing Shanghai Gigafactory


In a recent video uploaded to Youtube, we can see some drone footage of Tesla’s absolutely staggering Gigafactory Shanghai. After going up at a breakneck speed last year, its segmented construction continues in the aftermath of Covid.

Even though it currently is producing around 3,000 Model 3s per week, they are mostly reliant on out-of-country supply of parts. Since only about 30% of the total parts for each vehicle are being made in this particular factory as of yet.

We are absolutely continuing our Model Y capacity expansion at full speed at both Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai and here in Fremont when they will let us continue.

However, with China particularly interested in EVs as their economy reopens, Tesla has stated they will be targeting 4,000 vehicles a week out of Shanghai in the next couple of months. That will come in time for them to start diversifying production, with Model Ys slated to roll off the Shanghai production line in 2021.

All of that production ramp comes at a cost, and apparently that cost is an army of crane-operators and the craziest construction schedule since the Pyramids at Giza. Seriously, a look at the video shows an insane amount of cranes dotting the work zone around the factory.

Tesla has gained a reputation for its efficient factory undertakings, and while the Gigafactory Shanghai has been the fastest to get cars out from groundbreaking, it apparently won’t hold a candle to the secretive “Terafactory” coming to middle America in the coming years. Additionally, the Gigafactory Berlin could be to Europe what this factory is to Asia, now that the trees have started to be cleared.

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