Tesla: New Software Released With Changes To Charging, Suspension, And More

A new software update is coming to your Tesla soon with a host of new features and changes to systems such as the suspension, charging, and Powerwall interactions. The update, 2020.32.1 was launched last night and will slowly be rolled out to all cars.

The release notes hint to some interesting features such as “Tesla Powerwall Coordination”, and improvements to suspension. The release notes are as follows:

Your car coordinates with Powerwall for enhanced charging during a power outage, without exceeding the energy and power capabilities of your Powerwall system. Powerwall continuoously responds to the changing power needs of your home and will slow or stop your car’s charging, keeping your home loads powered.

During a power outage, your car will charge from the Powerwall whenever it is above the threshold set in the Tesla mobile app. You can change this threshold to balance your home and transportation energy needs, putting you in full control of your energy ecosystem. Powerwall can also use surplus solar to charge your vehicle during an outage if you keep your car plugged in while the sun is shining.

The software looks like it will also update on the Powerwall side of the hardware, too.

The notes continue in regards to the suspension improvements:

“We have simplified the Tesla suspension control logic to better support both temporary and more permanent heights. If Ride Heights is manually adjusted to High or Very High, your car now automatically lowers after you drive a short distance. For snowy or off-road conditions, tap “Keep” next to the Ride Height slider to keep the height at High or Very High until you reach the maximum allowed speed. For steep driveways or places where you repeatedly need a higher ride height, tap “Always Auto-Raise at this location.” This feature will raise suspension to the saved height when re-entering the location.”

The new settings look like the following and will apply only to Tesla Raven Model S and Model X models. Thanks to the Reddit user u/AndrasHatvani:

The final update which cones with this download is a new feature called “Car Left Open Notifications”. This will send a notification to the owner if the door, front trunk, or rear trunk is left open for ten minutes after you leave the car. Here are the notes:

A mobile notification will be sent if the trunk, the front trunk, or any door is left open for over ten minutes. If all doors and trunks are locked, a notification will be sent if any window is detected to be open ten minutes after leaving the car.

These notifications can be adjusted via the following:

To adjust which notification gets sent, tap Controls > Vehicle > Car Left Open Notifications. Notifications will not be sent when the car is at Home if “Exclude Home” is selected.

Let us know if you’ve got the download and if you’ve found these new features helpful!

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