Tesla News: After The Delay Of SpaceX Flight, Elon Musk Hangs Out At Supercharger With Tesla Owners

Elon Musk went out to rub elbows with some Tesla owners and fans in West Melbourne, Florida yesterday. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was in town because of an aborted Crewed-Dragon launch that happened yesterday.

Musk showed up to a Tesla Supercharger about 45 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center, where the launch was set to take place, in a white Model X. The car is the exact kind that astronauts take to the launch pad, albeit without the cool SpaceX livery.

The CEO is presumably hanging around south Florida while waiting for SpaceX’s rescheduled launch. It now is supposed to take place Saturday, May 30th, at 3:22 pm.  The first launch, which would have been historic due to the private-ownership of the rocket, would have been the first American-crewed launch from domestic soil in nine years.

However, nature was not on Musk’s side Wednesday, as the cloud cover and static in the atmosphere put the launch in violation of rules, and it was called off with only 16 minutes on the clock.

On the other hand, had the launch taken place, Musk would have presumably been celebrating somewhere. If that were the case, all these fans waiting at the West Melbourne Supercharger wouldn’t have been able to snap a quick selfie with their hero.

There’s always a silver-lining.

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