Tesla News: Autobidder Starts Operating in Europe for First Time

Recently Elon Musk has described Tesla’s energy division as a potentially more profitable operation than even their car business. With a couple of large scale battery installations widely reported over the past couple of years, and their solar business expanding, the next step was capitalizing off the trade off all the energy they were storing.

Tesla’s sleeper product, called Autobidder, is a software that helps battery owners trade and control their electrons based on when the grid will pay out the most for any stored supply. That’s a very simplified explanation, but basically Autobidder allows you to help stabilize the grid, and make money while doing so. While it’s largely employed by utility-scale Powerpacks, some day it could help you manage a vehicle-to-grid side hustle with your Tesla car.

Autobidder provides independent power producers, utilities, and capital partners the ability to autonomously monetize battery assets. Autobidder is a real-time trading and control platform that provides value-based asset management and portfolio optimization, enabling owners and operators to configure operational strategies that maximize revenue according to their business objectives and risk preferences.

We previously reported on how Tesla applied to become a utility in the UK, likely to start widely deploying Autobidder inside the country. Since, they have received a thumbs up from the UK, and also started using the program in continental Europe.

The European Power Exchange has now officially welcomed Tesla to its ranks, and marked the first day of Tesla’s Autobidder usage outside of Australia and the US. As energy projects in Europe become increasingly environmentally focuses, Tesla looks poised to make an enormous mark on the global future of energy storage and trade.

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