Tesla News: Autopilot Filmed Going Through Green Traffic Light

Recently Tesla started pushing out a new OTA update called “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control” Up until this new feature, Tesla’s Autopilot would go through traffic lights without really acknowledging their changing states.

Now, it detects the color of the light, represents in on the display, and can stop to require confirmation before proceeding. The feature has been tuned to be extra cautious at first, and require the driver’s confirmation almost all of the time.

In a new video uploaded by mouser58907 on Youtube, shows a very cool early-access exception from the confirmation cue. In the third light that he comes across, his Tesla follows the lead car, while still acknowledging that there is a traffic light that is green.

In the first two instances, the car doesn’t have a suitable leader, and still does require confirmation, as would be the case for standard Autopilot. Although the last successful crossing does show an exciting upcoming feature for other Tesla vehicles.

Perhaps this will be enough to drive some more Full Self Driving upgrades before the price raises on the start of next month. It definitely seems like Tesla is on track to their autonomous taxi fleet, which Elon Musk has been touting for years now.


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