Tesla News: Boring Tunnel Station with Model 3 Shuttles Shown in Render

Las Vegas has been getting serious with their newest tunnel project. The Boring Company project at the Las Vegas Convention Center has started the next phase of construction. Soon it will be getting passenger stations.

Although we know that the tunnels will be using Tesla vehicles instead of trams, we haven’t yet had a confirmed system shown off. That is, until Elon Musk tweeted out a render of on of these upcoming stations.

“Coming soon,” was all that Musk said in the main tweet. Although from the picture, we can see a bank of six Model 3s sitting in wait for passengers. On the wall, we see a “what happens here, only happens here” Vegas ad.

Lately, there has been talk of a Tesla shuttle van, which would be made special for these tunnels. Apparently that’s less practical than normal cars. Musk was asked in the comments about this decision. When asked about standing trams, he said, “best to have people seated for safety & speed of travel.”

As the other properties, including the airport, look at this new public transit, they have been seeking an expansion along the whole strip. That would mean about a few dozen of these stations throughout Las Vegas.

I don’t know about everybody else, but I for one would much prefer to stand and not touch anything. Also, from the render, you can see all the Teslas still have their side mirrors. There’s no telling if that means they will be road legal, and drive you to your destination. It seems like they shouldn’t have mirrors if they stay in the tunnel.

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