Tesla News: Cybertruck Preorders Open in China

Could any market possibly purchase as many of Tesla’s Cybertrucks as the U-S- of A? After all, we’ve heard that the EV company has already received 650,000 preorders for their futuristic truck. Well, what about China?

The country now has its own giant Tesla factory, and the demand to support it. People tend to forget that many items actually cost more in China, due to the luxury habits of their gigantic middle class. Even if Chinese farmers don’t want (or can’t afford) a new Cybertruck, perhaps the wealthy children of CCP members will all start driving Teslas.

If the status of pop-culture icon can propel a vehicle to mass adoption, regardless of its practicality, than I see no reason why China couldn’t purchase a ton of Cybertrucks. Apparently, Tesla agrees, as the site for preorders even has a higher price for reservation, as well as FSD.

In the US, $100 was all it took to put your name on the list, whereas in China the cost jumps up to roughly $140 once you convert from RMB. As for Self Driving, it’s also considerably more expensive, converting to around $9,000. In the States, it just went up to $8,000.

What do you guys thing? Will there be a bunch of China Cybertrucks cruising around?

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