Tesla News: Elon Musk Elaborates on Texas Factory Land Deal

Yesterday we heard that Tesla had purchased a 2,100 acre plot of land East of Austin, Texas. The $5 Million purchase would be the site of the new Cybertruck focused “Terafactory.”

It’s acquisition would put the end to an ongoing competition between Tusla, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas to capture Tesla’s heart and gain their business. We’ll now the we’ve learned from a recent Musk tweet, that there’s still some fight left in Tusla.

The CEO responded to a Teslarati story about their deal, somewhat shooting down the assumption it was done. He clarified that they have “the option” to buy the land, but have “not exercised it.”

While the site is still very likely going to become the new factory, it’s not a sure thing yet. Once they get a response on deferring their property taxes, which according to files would amount to around $68 million, then perhaps they will exercise the option.

Good news for Tulsa, they are also probably one of the “several” options being considered by Tesla, according to another follow up. This implies that there could be three or more possible sites. This should be taken with a grain of salt, since it’s not like Tesla is seriously considering many central-US cities.

Many have noted Austin’s prevalent tech-sector and their well-educated population. It’s also a common opinion that Austin represents a “little California” in an otherwise very different state. As much as Elon has claimed the company wants to leave California, the proven trajectory for people with that desire, is to move to Austin.

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