Tesla News: Germany Decides Autopilot Misleading Now UK Eyes Wording

Autopilot and Full Self Driving get a lot of flak. In fairness, they do sound a little more promising than they actually are at present.

A German court agreed last week, saying that Tesla has been misrepresenting the capabilities of their cars. The Munich-based court decided that the Autopilot and FSD titles are essentially false-advertising.

Now that Tesla can no longer use the terms in their promotional materials in the country, it will be interesting to see how they handle communicating their products capabilities. Remember, Tesla doesn’t advertise traditionally… so the “false advertising” may be lost in translation.

Elon Musk tweeted a response to the judgement, reiterating how the system was named after the technology used in airplanes, and quipping about the Autobahn’s use of the auto prefix.

Apparently, after hearing word of the suit in Germany, some UK organizations want to follow the lead and go after Tesla. Thatcham Research’s Matthew Avery said that he doesn’t view Autopilot as “a self-driving system. It is there to provide driver assistance, not to become an invisible chauffeur.”

Avery also cited an email sent to Tesla owners in the UK that was pushing drivers to “upgrade now at a reduced price,” to get FSD. He says that’s evidence that Tesla isn’t selling cars which can fully pilot themselves.

Comment sections always pop off on different angles of interpretation and misunderstanding surrounding Autopilot and FSD. I can’t imagine this being any different.

There were some clear risks taken when selling a “potential” for FSD in the future. Whether they were worth it or not, isn’t for me to say.

As for Autopilot, the airplane terminology seems apt, as from a layperson’s perspective it does the same thing.


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