Tesla News: Incentives for Solar Referrals Increased Now Includes Powerwall

Tesla has been trying to make their energy products front and center of their offerings. The company recently improved their panels, while reducing their cost, without even making a big deal of it.

Since they’ve introduced the option to pay for their solar by subscription, they’ve also started seeing more customers and referrals. Previously, that referral program would give $100 to each party who used a referral code to buy solar.

Now, they have increased the amount paid back to the referrer to $400. Not only is that  a whopping $300 more, but you also get a free Tesla Powerwall if you can get 10 people to use your code when purchasing a solar setup.

The Powerwall costs $11,000 before incentives, which makes this referral a very… big incentive!

You can only earn a single Powerwall through this method, but if you already have a solar system, than that’s going to be a huge payoff. For many houses, Tesla encourages the install of two or more battery packs.

If you get the more conservative number of batteries installed in your home, but then sell like you’re in Glengarry Glen Ross you could come away one happy camper. Not to mention the talking points we’ve already provided, like how Tesla’s panels had a 10% energy density bump and a nearly 20% price cut recently.

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