Tesla News: Model S and X Part of Secret “Project Palladium” Design Refresh

Raven, Roadrunner, and now Palladium. These are all codes from Tesla secret projects to make their cars extremely competitive. According to a report from Electrek, the new Project Palladium has the goal of refreshing the Model S and Model X.

In 2019, Tesla gave their Model S and X a new powertrain called Raven. It used permanent magnet motors and other engineering changes to greatly improve the car’s performance.

For the past couple of years, Tesla have also been working on Project Roadrunner. This secret initiative aims at developing proprietary in-house battery cells for the company’s cars. It’s suspected that Roadrunner will be the subject of the upcoming Battery Investor’s Day.

If you take Roadrunner, and apply it to existing models like Raven was, then the likely result is a Palladium refresh. This should look something like the Plaid Model S we have been seeing driving around the Nurburgring with a giant spoiler and some other body modifications.

According to that Electrek report, Tesla is building out new assembly lines at their Nevada Gigafactory for this new project. That would make perfect sense, as the factory is only a fraction of its intended scale, and needs to start producing more cars on site with the batteries it churns out.

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