Tesla News: New Solar Panels With %20 Lower Cost and %10 More Power Available

According to Tesla’s Solar Panel information on their site, the company has just increased the power while decreasing the price on their panels. The standard panel used to produce 315 W, but now the same sized panel can output 340 W.

That’s a %10 increase in power, which pairs amazingly with a nearly %20 reduction in panel costs. The company has been moving its focus towards making the solar sector more competitive.

They recently started a partnership with SunRun solar, the largest installer of solar in the US. At the same time, they started doing a price-matching incentive program, which was aimed at gaining new customers.

The complications of installation around different US regions has proved a huge roadblock for Tesla’s solar business. In the last week, preorders for the company’s famous Solar Tile roofs have been getting cancelled, due to lack of service in areas. That’s made worse by the $1,000 deposits that customers put down years ago, that now have to be refunded.

As for the cost of a new solar installation, Tesla has a guide on their website. A medium 7.56 kW solar system costing $19,500, has now been replaced with a 8.16 kW for $16,000.

That’s a massive savings, and doesn’t account for the tax incentives many homeowners would qualify for. Paired with a Powerwall, and paid for with Tesla’s new monthly plan, this could eliminate your power bill and pay for itself in no time.

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