Tesla News: Partnership With Sunrun Solar Means Way More Powerwall Installations

In a recent announcement, the US’s largest solar installation company Sunrun, has stated they now will be offering their customers the option of adding Tesla Powerwalls to their home’s solar systems.  This is big news for both companies, as Tesla, which formerly was the largest solar provider in the states, took a back seat to Sunrun in 2018, but still leads the pack in manufacturing high quality energy products.

Sunrun, who has offered only LG Chem batteries to their customers for some time, will now also offer the Tesla Powerwall. The latter having a higher capacity of 13.5kWh to LG Chem’s 9.3kWh, as well as costing less money.

Last quarter, Sunrun installed nearly three times as many MW of solar roofing than Tesla, who has been focusing on product development, commercial, and grid applications over residential installation. So this partnership will mean many times the opportunity to sell for the already hard to come by Powerwalls, which have seen a rise in demand over the past couple of years.

With Sunrun and Tesla Powerwall, a brighter future starts today. Regain control of your energy and get your free quote to receive a fully virtual consultation.

When installed in conjunction with a solar system, there is a federal tax rebate of 26%, as well as many state incentives which can be in excess of $5,000 ( Rhode Island has $900 per kW up to $7,500!). Although those incentives are scheduled to phase down in the coming couple of years. So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading, now is the best time yet!

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