Tesla News: Elon Greenlights New Features For Cars On Twitter

As many Tesla owners and fans of Elon Musk know, the CEO occasionally responds to feature suggestions on Twitter, with a simple “Ok” or “Sure.” However, today he seemed particularly set out to please, with a string of several tweets seemingly approving driver suggested features. Let’s break them down.

Stop Signs In Autopilot

First off, after being asked, “Why can’t the camera read the speed limit signs? Is it because of the patent from mobile eye?” Elon responded with a laconic, “Coming soon.”

This feature, which many have wondered about the lack of, will hugely improve the accuracy of Autopilot’s speed limit compliance. As things are now, some users outside of California complain that their Tesla’s seem unaware of different speed limits on exit lanes and special circumstances.

Assuming that the map data feeding the system is less than precise, using the many cameras of the car to negotiate the suitable speed will be a nice advantage.

Elon replied to a tweet from the Third Row Podcast, saying this update is a “high priority.”

Side View Cameras On The Main Screen

Sometimes, Elon’s answers raise more questions than they solve. In the case of putting the feed from the side camera on the center screen while indicating, well that’s, “harder than it sounds” apparently. Either way, that would be a cool feature, especially to toggle on and off. Hopefully the team can sort it out.

Now we want to know why exactly that’s hard, since the answer will surely be interesting.

Turning Off Auto-lock When At Home

This one seems pretty reasonable, a toggle which allows others to load/unload your vehicle without you having to manually unlock it or be near them. As Tesla-owner Clay points out road-trips often require a few trips back and forth from the car.

It’s sometimes surprising these little things weren’t thought of, but kudos to Musk for addressing it so quickly.

App Mirroring And Backup Of Car Display

Here’s one that will make other car owner’s jealous. If say you break your Tesla’s screen, you can have it mirror into the “details” section of the app.

This could be nice as a backup, but also if you wanted to mount your phone in a different position, and use it to monitor your car stats. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

Adding An Autopilot Odometer

Simple. This update would be a very satisfying provider of stats to the curious. Say someone asks how often you use Autopilot, well now you can do the math.

I could also see this becoming a reference for people who want to lower their insurance premiums. That would be nice.

So, in conclusion, if you want any little software improvements made, shoot Musk mention on Twitter. You have a higher chance of him reciprocating than you do of winning the lottery!

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