Karma Unveils New Affordable BEV Platform

Southern California-Based, Chinese-Owned, Karma Automotive has unveiled their new E-Flex BEV powertrain platform. The system, which aims at allowing other manufacturers to simply incorporate electrification to their lineups, is targeting affordability with it flat floor and single-motor design.

These chassis systems, which are basically wheels, a frame, a single motor, and 80 kWh battery will show off Karma’s new Silicon Carbide Inverter, which focuses on compactness and low-cost operation. The “Everyday BEV” platform is the most affordable of Karma’s five electric chassis, which they hope to sell to other manufacturers who are less far along in the electrification process.

Karma’s goal in creating the ‘Everyday BEV’ platform was to offer an economic solution for service vehicles, ridesharing vehicles, and last-mile delivery vehicles that can benefit from low cost of ownership and sustainable transportation.

Karma has taken a split approach to reviving their brand, once a property of formerly defunk Fisker. On one hand they are manufacturing updated versions of the Karma, called the Revero, as a fully functioning production car. On the other hand, they are offering a variety of chassis and powertrains, which use the “feature proven Karma technology” to simplify the manufacturing process for everyone from last-mile delivery services to ride-sharing companies.

Recently Karma showed off their proprietary EREV van system, which offers delivery companies a level 4 autonomous solution. They also sell their E-Flex platform as a supercar ready chassis, with more spots for motors, and a higher cost.



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