Tesla News: Semi Photographed Charging In The Wild

Ever since the first Tesla Semi prototypes were spotted driving around int the real world, people have been curious about their charging process. It seems reasonable to expect the giant 18-wheelers to use more than just the “run-of-the-mill” Superchargers.

Some people speculated that the Semi might use more than one charger connection at a time. Perhaps Tesla would have to install an additional network of higher capacity “Megachargers” catering to the larger vehicles and their bigger batteries. This network could situated at truck-stops or rest areas, as opposed to shopping centers, like the normal Superchargers.

Since their debut a few years ago, the Semis have actually been seen charging at the normal Tesla locations, and oddly enough, their minders have specifically requested their chargers not be photographed. However, that’s no longer the case, as Twitter user, @TeslaYeg, shared a recent snap of the process.

There’s no telling if this will be the realistic solution for drivers who chose to operate a Tesla Semi, but as of now, the charger looks like a beefed up Supercharger port, which has room for another cable to plug into it. On the other end of the adapter, there is a junction box, which also looks like multiple chargers could be plugged into it.

So for now, a Semi could utilize this “dongle” to plug in a series of Superchargers, then attach that to the truck. It may even be the case that the dongle could be doubled-up, and you could have two junction boxes leading into the truck.

In layman’s terms, this dongle looks like a splitter with a power brick on one end. If anything, it seems like the act of plugging it in would be very satisfying, from a tactile perspective.

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