Tesla News: Sentry Mode Films Moron Unplugging Tesla In Owner’s Driveway

On May 10th, A Vancouver Tesla owner uploaded a Youtube video of a strange man approaching his parked Tesla, then proceeding to yank on its charging cable. You can clearly see the man’s face in the video, as he takes pause before struggling to get the locked cable out of its port.

Consider the mindset of someone who trespasses into someone’s driveway to commit such a bizarre and hateful act. I’m not sure that this constitutes a crime in British Columbia, or if like letting the air out of someone’s tires, it’s just something mean to do.

It’s really cringeworthy to see this guy pull with his weight on the actual cable, as opposed to the handle, which is locked into the car. I half expected him to slip in his birkenstocks and fall. The motivation here is really hard to imagine.

It’s no secret that Tesla has attracted a large amount of haters. Since the release of the Model S, all sorts of vandals and trolls have been filmed messing with parked Teslas. The aggressions include keying, coal-rolling, and of course unpluggings, even though the last are usually taking place at public charging stations.

This stream of filmed incidents has been increased since Tesla’s release of Sentry Mode, which uses the cars many cameras as a security system, recording any incidents and then alerting the car’s owner upon their return.

If you can identify the boy in the video, then let the authorities know! This incident happened on May 9th.

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