Tesla News: Fremont Reopens Against County Orders; Musk Asks Only He Be Arrested

On Monday, Elon Musk tweeted that- after a long and dramatic public dispute with Alameda County- Tesla’s Fremont factory would indeed be reopening. However, he stressed that it was against County rules, and that he would be on the production line, leading the charge. He even went a step further, somewhat presumptively asking that “if anyone is arrested… it only be [him].”

Now I say presumptively, because it would be seriously surprising if anyone got arrested for this. It would most likely play into the hand of the billionaire with the constitution on his side (and every level of government, more on that later) who surely would argue wrongful arrest in his ongoing lawsuit with said county.

Twitter user, @ChillMichelle, got an enlightening response from Musk later in the day. When asked about the specifics of who approved Tesla to reopen and who “illegally overrode” that directive, Musk confirmed what we have suspected. Namely, that California approved the reopening, and that the Interim Health Officer intervened.

Suspiciously enough, Musk said that “all other auto companies in the US are approved to resume.” Which would make it seem as if Tesla is being singled out. Something that wouldn’t fly with such a vocal and disagreeable CEO at the helm.

As if this hadn’t been politicized enough, DJT entered the chat, opining that “California should let Tesla & [Musk] open the plant.” Of course, California isn’t the dissenting party here. I do like the addition that it can be done “Fast & Safely,” because at this point, it already had been.

Again, this just highlights how every level of government, but the county, has signed off on the reopening. Expect more updates soon, as eventually one side will have to cave.

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