Tesla News: Seven Seat Model Y Coming Sooner Than You’d Think

Fans have been desperate for the inclusion of a fold-up row of seats in the trunk of their Model Ys. A third row would make the new crossover that much more competitive, and about as capable as their more premium Model X.

According to a response to a Tweet from one of Elon Musk’s followers, the CEO says that a third-row option for the Model Y is probably coming in “early Q4.” That’s fast approaching, and will coincide with a big couple of months for the electric carmaker.

Now anybody who has had a small SUV or station wagon with a third row knows they are pretty small. The Model Y will not be any different. There were some photos leaked earlier this year, which show an absolutely crunched sixth and seventh seat.

That being said, if you aren’t interested in the claustrophobia of those extra passengers, or you have kids that get a kick out of cramped spaces, this could make the Model Y the obvious choice for your next vehicle.

It’s interesting that Tesla opted for a forward-facing third row, as opposed to the rear-facing fold-ups that sometimes are fitted into smaller vehicles. Rear-facing seats were offered by Tesla in the Model S for a period, but discontinued. That would make climbing in through the trunk the easiest way to get in, instead of the folding down middle row.

There is no word on pricing for the option yet, but expect it to start shipping as early as October. An extra noteworthy value proposition is the inclusion of an additional pair of cup holders, something you can never have too many of.

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