Tesla News: Take a Unique Look Inside Nevada Gigafactory in 10-Minute Video

For the most advanced battery factory in the world, surprisingly little is known about Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory. The 1.9 million square-foot facility has been the subject of much attention, but we haven’t really seen inside it much.

The new segment from Science Channel’s Super Factories gives us an unprecedented look into the systems that produce the battery cells for the company’s cars. It also shows how the automated aspects of the factory work, as well as the environmentally-conscious design decisions which power the plant.

Although it’s only %30 complete, the Gigafactory is insanely large and complex. Hordes of autonomous robots carry components back and forth on its sprawling North/South axis.

Speaking of which, did you catch the He-Man reference?

When you get glimpses of the cell production, you can see how the little metal cylinders are scooped into their bandoleers. It’s wild to think that the simple looking tubes actually have complex chemistry and engineering in them. They barely look like batteries at all, totally monolithic from their appearance on the tracks.

At one point in the video, you see how the technicians plus in the cables to the near-completed packs. That was one of the tasks which Tesla discovered better suited humans than machines, way back in “production hell.”


This segment really brings me back to the days of binge watching How It’s Made. Something about seeing inside of Tesla’s factory makes you feel like you’re in on a secret process. As battery day fast approaches, this feels extra special.

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