Tesla News: Wait Times For Car Deliveries Significantly Reduced

One huge issue with ordering a Tesla vehicle in the past has been wait times. Unlike traditional automobile companies, the bulk of the EV maker’s sales come in the form of pre-orders, which can take months to years.

It’s no surprise that after the release of a new vehicle like the Model Y, putting a deposit down and getting on the list can see a Tesla customer waiting at least eight weeks.

Well, now that production capacity has been increased at all of Tesla’s factories, that wait time has been significantly slashed. For the Model Y, by four whole weeks, and at least two weeks for Tesla’s other cars.

Now a Model Y can be at your door in four – eight, and other Tesla vehicles in two to five weeks.

There isn’t a clear reason why this would happen now. It’s most likely a combination of production ramps with the tendency of Tesla to spend the first chunk of each quarter on international shipments, and the later on domestic.

If the lockdown stopped production for an amount of time that made international orders non-feasible, then maybe they cut their loses short for this quarter and instead pivoted to focus on domestic orders. Another theory, is that Tesla had cancelled orders due to financial uncertainty, and now can push remaining or new orders forward.

In reality, all of the above is probably a little true. The combination of all these factors could lead Tesla to have more availability on their delivery calendar for new orders.

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