Tesla Offering Quicker Model Y Delivery For Those Who Change Their Configuration

The Tesla Model Y is now being delivered to customers after a long wait, but for those wanting to get their hands on a Y sooner rather than later, Tesla has hinted at changing their configurations. It sounds as though production volume is higher than the actual demand for a specific spec.

So far, Tesla has been in touch with customers of the Model Y, telling them that the Model Y Performance and Model Y Long Range AWD with a five-seater configuration is ready to be delivered for the second half of March. Those who have ordered these models with a third-row seat, however, have been told that if they change their order to a five-seat, they could get their cars a month earlier compared to the promise of next year for the three-row seating version.

Electrek got their hands on an email from Tesla saying the following:

“If you’d like to take delivery of your Model Y next month, you can adjust your order to the standard five-seat interior, removing the $3,000 seven-seat interior upgrade cost. Contact a Tesla adviser to update your order today.”

The full email is as follows:

This could mean two things: One, Tesla needs to sell more 5-seater Model Ys, or they are simply giving customers the option to get their car faster. Why wouldn’t a company want to sell more stock sooner over waiting a year, anyway?

This could very well be a way to cover up a miscalculation by Tesla, who thought there would be less 7-seat option purchases and more 5-seat purchases. Or are we reading too far into this?

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