Tesla Owner Is Caught Cheating In Driving Test By Using Autopilot

A Tesla driver and owner of a Tesla-based YouTube channel TESLAPEG has recently gone viral after attempting to take a driving exam while activating Autopilot. Unfortuantely for him, his DMV examiner was on the ball and noticed that something fishy was going on.

On noticing the blue steering wheel icon pop up on the corner of the infotainment display, he was quick to ask what it meant. “All right quick question. What was that little blue symbol? Was that like some kind of auto steer or cruise control thing?”

Pushing his luck, the owner of the Tesla aswered: “It doesn’t really help you drive. It just kinda assists you.”

After the test, the DMV returned to the car with some unsurprising bad news: “Alright, I’m going to have to fail you unfortunately.”

Commentors flooded to the video to explain that some examiners don’t even alow backup cameras to be used during the test, so expecting to pass a test using automation systems such as Autopilot was pushing it way too far when even simple systems would result in a fail.

The site Driving Tests explains that most DMV tests prohibit the use of such driving aids during a test for a license, with applicant being asked to disable such features on their cars.

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