Tesla Owners Open Lawsuit Against Company After Full Self-Driving Computers Found To Be Not Installed

After a large number of customers of Chinese-made Model 3s complained about their cars not being built with the Full Self-Driving Computer that it should have been, they’re now not allowing Tesla to retrofit them. Instead, they’ve opened a lawsuit against the Californian car company.

Every Tesla vehicle made since April 2019, should be built with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Computer. This computer gives the car far more advanced self-driving features with a higher level of artificial intelligence. A number of made-in-China Model 3 owners found that the part number of their computers didn’t match with what they should have received.

On complaining, Tesla replaced the chips with the new models, and said that they’d fix the issues they were having in the building process, but this wasn’t good enough. One owner told the Global Times:

“It should not be an excuse for Tesla to downgrade the chips without notifying us. It would be more understandable if Tesla informed us in advance. We can wait but we cannot be denied the truth. I won’t accept Tesla’s pledge to upgrade the chip, because it is a key component, and the replacement would involve machine or wire dismantling, which may cause safety hazards.”

Using the consumer protection laws, they’ve filed a complaint against Tesla.

“Xu Hao, a lawyer at the Beijing-based Jingsh Law Firm, told the Global Times Wednesday that ‘with the preliminary evidence consumers have provided, we can only say that Tesla is suspected of fraud at the moment, not confirmed.'” the Global Times reported.

A few days ago, using MIIT, the Chinese government “urged” Tesla to comply and be “consistent” with its products. However, there are now reports that owners outside of China are finding similar issues.

Please let us know if you’re having a similar issue, and we’ll do what we can to help.

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