Tesla Releases Video Of Semi Being Tested at Fremont Factory

The Tesla Semi is very different to the current ICE trucks currently spewing black smoke all over highways across continents. The Semi is all-electric, delivers instant torque with a 0-60mph time of 5 seconds, and is incredibly easy to drive. Now, Tesla has uploaded a video of its truck to its Twitter page meaning we can now watch it weave through its Fremont Factory test track.

As you can see, the Semi is plenty fast enough for the road, especially without a trailer attached. It also emits a high-pitched whine unlike the Model 3 which its powertrain is based on. The reason for this is currently unconfirmed, although we’re sure its due to its powertrain needing to be stronger than the small sedan.

According to reports from the industry, the Semi is looking to be released later this year at a rate of 100 units per week. But with its released already pushed back previously, and Tesla not having the best track record for these things, we won’t hold our breath.

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