Tesla Semi-Truck Unveiling Will Invite Some Current Owners

If you’re a fan of anything and everything Tesla and simply must know all about the upcoming Tesla semi-truck, then I may have some good news for you. When the semi is unveiled in September, Tesla will be inviting some current owner, provided they participate in the referral program.

To qualify, you would need five referrals, which would then allow you to score an invitation (which is good for the referrer and one guest). Short of revealing what kind of specs the Tesla semi will reveal, expect Elon Musk to have some additional goodies to reveal about the semi.

One of the bigger unknowns about the semi, other than performance specs, is the interior. Matthew DeBord from Business Insider, a previous Tesla unveiling attendee, suspects that the semi interior may borrow some elements from space capsules designed by SpaceX.

DeBord also had this to say regarding Tesla’s events:

“Having attended a Tesla unveiling, for the Model 3 in March of 2016, and can say that Tesla throws a pretty fair party. The semi unveiling, if it goes off on schedule, ought to be worth the effort of getting five other people to take the plunge on a Model S or Model X simply because the Tesla semi is going to be, well, big.”

Other than the Model 3 (of which I have one pre-ordered), perhaps the next most interesting Tesla project for me is the semi-truck. The freight business is already pretty tightly controlled by a group of global providers. Something tells me they aren’t going to react kindly to a new kid on the block trying to muscle in on their existing industry. The Tesla semi will have to absolutely blow everyone’s minds to have any hope of impacting the freight industry.

SOURCE | Business Insider

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