Tesla Targeted Yet Again As Supercharger Stations Vandalised

Vandals have already destroyed a third of the Tesla Supercharger stations in Surrey, British Columbia. Work on this station began in October of last year and according to reports it was basically completed.

It is alleged that whoever is responsible for this probably didn’t do it out of animosity for Tesla but to get the copper from the charging cables. Unfortunately, copper theft has been around for a long time as it is widely known that copper can be sold for a lot when recycled.

With the cost of copper being around $3.50 per pound once it is stripped and even less when it is of lower quality, the amount gained out of four supercharger stalls is unlikely to amount to a lot.

The station was previously subjected to vandalism when it was defaced with graffiti and the plastic covers were taken off the platforms, about a week ago. It’s unclear whether the same people carried out both acts of vandalism, but it is being investigated as we speak.

As we know, vandalism against Teslas and Superchargers is nothing new, and while the reasons may differ – as in this case when thieves were most likely looking for copper rather than Tesla hate – the perpetrators are almost always individuals who despise the brand.

It was not revealed whether the new Supercharger station in Surrey, Canada will open as planned as there will probably be a delay while workers replace the severed cables, but it shouldn’t take too long.

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