Tesla: Top Gear’s Chris Harris Believes The Model 3 Is “The Best Electric Car On Sale”

Top Gear presenter Chris Harris has recently presented a video for the show’s YouTube channel where he talks us through the main EV cars on the market right now. From Honda e to Porsche Taycan, he gives us the pros and cons of the lot. But there was one car that stood out above the rest, with Harris proclaiming it to be “the best electric car on sale”. Of course, he was talking about the Tesla Model 3, which he himself was interested in buying late last year.

Chris Harris has been a respected motoring journalist since his days of writing for renowned car magazines such as Autocar and Evo, and fans know that he takes a lot of care in handing out compliments. You could even say he’s too honest, with brands such as Ferrari banning him from driving its vehicles after he wrote a column about the company’s dishonesty.

Harris was quick to point out the Model 3’s lack of build quality, and has in the past commented on Tesla owners being hard to swallow, but his compliments on the car were very positive, complimenting its technology, performance, and charging. He doesn’t, however, like the Seat Mii, which while having an adequate range for the price, doesn’t look great. He also isn’t entirely sure what to think about the Ford Mustang Mach-e, and doesn’t believe that branding it with the Mustang name was the right choice.

So, high praise from Harris, so to finish of, let’s watch him drift the 3 about a bit, shall we?

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