Tesla Under Fire For Multiple Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

At least six current and former Tesla employees have sued the firm in recent weeks, claiming it is “fostering a culture of sexual harassment.” The six women who filed the suits as well as a former employee, Jessica Barraza, who filed a similar lawsuit, are being represented by Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe LLP.

The claims made in the new lawsuits were summarized by The Washington Post:

The six women bringing lawsuits described a number of common experiences in both interviews with The Washington Post and in legal filings. Several women alleged they complained about the behavior, but that it didn’t change; other women said because their superiors participated in the harassment they feared talking to HR. Multiple women alleged they attempted to protect themselves from harassment by procuring baggy clothes in an effort to fend off their co-workers. A number of women alleged their workplace experience led to depression and anxiety, ultimately preventing them from advancing in their careers.

Several of the women recounted being subjected to lewd comments and even being touched by coworkers and bosses. When reporting these behaviors, the current and former staff members described difficulties getting their supervisors and Tesla’s HR to take them seriously. This is all following a similar allegation of racism at Tesla’s Fremont plant, an employee was awarded a $137 million verdict by the court in October.

Tesla has reportedly initiated a company-wide initiative called “Respectful Recharge” in recent weeks to offer all employees a new mandatory training on Tesla’s anti-harassment policy. The program urged workers to inform their supervisors, human resources, or the company’s anonymous tip line if they witnessed unethical behavior. Tesla hasn’t commented on the current complaints

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