Tesla Unveils New Low Profile Solar Panels

If you’re looking to add Tesla’s solar power system to your home but don’t relish the idea of having to switch out your entire roof to the glass solar roof system, then we have the perfect option for you. Tesla has just announced that in addition to their solar roof system, they will now be offering traditional solar panels to those interested in adopting solar.

Similar to existing solar options, the new system features a design with a sleek and low-profile look that should blend into to your existing roof. This is due to new panel mounting hardware that is much lower profile than tradition options. Tesla has mentioned that these panels come with integrated front skirts for an edge that flows into your roof much better than the hard lines in most traditional panels.

This announcement is great news for anyone who is interested in a Tesla solar solution but doesn’t want to (or need to) get rid of their entire existing roof. If aesthetics are your concern, then yes, the whole roof system is the way to go since it replaces your entire roof and gives it one uniform look across the whole top of your house.

However for someone like myself that already has a house with integrated solar panels, if I ever feel the need to switch to Tesla’s system, it’s good to know that I won’t have to get rid of my whole roof, which can be extremely costly. Simply replace my old panels with the new Tesla’s one, and I will be ready to rock.

Solar Roof orders will begin sometime this month, according to the tweet above by Elon Musk. This could be a brilliant energy system in your home with the combination of Solar Roof /Panels, a Powerwall, and a Tesla vehicle or two sitting in the garage!

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