Tesla Upsets Customers Delivering Model 3s And Ys Without USB Ports

A number of new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles have been delivered in the last few days with missing USB ports, often without any warning before the owners get their new cars home and notice that the car’s phone charger isn’t working. The carmaker claims the missing pieces are due to the worldwide chip scarcity.

We’ve noticed a few reports of new car buyers receiving automobiles with missing USB-C ports. The most prevalent cars appear to be lacking the USB-C connections along the back wall of the center console, although at least one owner claims that rear-seat USB ports are also missing. Wireless charging appears to be disabled in new owners with missing center console USB ports.

On November 11, reports of USB ports disappearing began to circulate. Other consumers who have received new vehicles recently chimed in to confirm that they do have USB connections. The most recent confirmed USB-equipped Model Y was delivered on November 6.

Tesla has started delivering cars without USB-C ports in the center console at some point during the previous several days.

Some owners were informed ahead of time by their delivery crew, while others were shocked when they got their car home and discovered that the USB ports had vanished or that wireless charging wasn’t available. They only discovered the pattern of missing USB ports after calling Tesla service or browsing through Tesla forums on the internet.

Tesla has largely avoided the worst of the global chip shortage, which has plagued the automobile industry for over a year now. Used and new car costs are escalating worldwide, while dealer inventories are declining, and many producers have had to stop production or store nearly completed automobiles waiting for parts.

Tesla, for example, eliminated the ability to change the lumbar support in new Model 3 and Y cars. The same problem has affected BMW, which is also removing touchscreens from new vehicles but will give a $175 and $500 discount.

After Tesla removed passenger lumbar support from new vehicles, many people assumed there would be a retrofit or that they would get their money back, but it wasn’t the case. The item has now vanished from new cars altogether. According to Tesla, the component was rarely used and wasn’t worth the extra cost/weight, especially during a supply crunch.

Regarding the USB ports, Tesla service has informed some customers that they can make an appointment for service when parts are available, which should be some time in December. However, no owners we’re aware of have received this in writing, and December is typically a hectic period for Tesla, during which service appointments may be delayed.

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