Tesla’s Las Vegas Supercharger Revolution: Over 75 New Stalls Coming by 2023

Meeting Soaring Demand and Preparing for EV Growth in Sin City

In a visionary stride toward enhancing electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, Tesla has unveiled plans for a substantial Supercharger expansion in Las Vegas, set to be completed by the end of 2023. This ambitious undertaking responds to the surging demand for convenient charging stations in the Sin City.

While Tesla already boasts a presence in various key locations across Las Vegas, the relentless growth in the number of Tesla vehicles on the city’s streets necessitates an extensive network of charging options. A discreet yet promising announcement on a curbside sign hinted at the company’s intentions to augment their charging infrastructure throughout Las Vegas.

Among the existing Supercharger stations in Las Vegas, three stand out for their prominence. Along the iconic S. Las Vegas Boulevard, a hub of urban activity, 24 V3 chargers cater to Tesla drivers. At the city’s Convention Center, 12 V3 stalls are readily available, while the Red Rock location west of downtown boasts 16 V3 Superchargers. Another notable station lies south of the Airport on Las Vegas Boulevard, housing 28 stalls. Moreover, various other locations scattered across the greater Las Vegas area offer varying numbers of charging stalls, primarily V3, capable of delivering 250 kW of charging power.

However, Tesla’s visionary expansion will introduce new charging sites at strategic locations, catering to the burgeoning EV ecosystem. These include Arroyo Crossing, a shopping center featuring a Wal-Mart and an array of retail establishments, as well as W. Russell Rd. and S. Decatur Blvd. The final site will grace E. Pebble Rd. and S. Maryland Pkwy. These three sites have already secured permits and are represented by blue triangles on the map, symbolizing Tesla’s commitment to further electrify Las Vegas.

Notably, there are two additional locations in active construction phases: one situated on S. Fort Apache Rd. and the other on Paseo Verde Pkwy. in Henderson, NV, just southeast of downtown Las Vegas. These locations are denoted by yellow triangles on the map, marking the imminent arrival of more charging options.

Las Vegas, a bustling metropolis renowned for its entertainment and vibrant nightlife, lures millions of tourists annually. Tesla’s expansion is not only a boon for Tesla drivers visiting the area but also a crucial move to accommodate the growing number of EV drivers drawn to electric cars’ allure.

The urgency for this expansion is further accentuated by the impending opening of Tesla’s Supercharger network to other automakers in the coming spring. The resulting surge in demand for charging stalls will be unprecedented, necessitating Tesla’s proactive approach in installing more stalls than ever before.

As of the end of Q2, Tesla’s global Supercharger network comprised 5,265 Supercharger stations, equipped with a total of 48,082 connectors. This remarkable expansion in Las Vegas aligns with Tesla’s unwavering commitment to driving the electric vehicle revolution forward, one Supercharger at a time.

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