Tesla’s Model 3 Highland: Project Highland Redefines Electric Mobility

Discover the Specs, Extended Range, and Safety Features of Tesla's Latest Innovation

Tesla’s innovation knows no bounds, and the unveiling of the Model 3 Highland from Project Highland is yet another testament to the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle (EV) technology. Recently, this exciting addition to Tesla’s lineup received official registration under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it’s causing quite a stir in the EV world.

Dimensions and Performance

Let’s dive right into the specifications of the Model 3 Highland. This sleek electric sedan measures L4720mm x W1848mm x H1442mm, presenting a harmonious blend of compactness and spaciousness. With a total mass of 2,255 kg and a curb weight of 1,823 kg, it strikes a perfect balance between durability and efficiency. But that’s not all; Tesla’s Model 3 refresh boasts an impressive “climbing speed” of 200 km/h, ensuring you can seamlessly conquer winding roads and highways alike.

Extended Range

One of the standout features of the Model 3 Highland is its extended range, offering environmentally-conscious drivers more mileage per charge. Tesla offers two enticing variants: the new Model 3 RWD version, estimated to cover approximately 606 km or 373 miles, and the Long Range version with an astonishing 682 km or 424 miles, based on CLTC estimates. This enhanced range is a game-changer for EV enthusiasts, making long journeys a breeze.

Redefined Styling and Aerodynamics

Tesla has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection. In fact, the company revamped 50% of the Model 3’s components, infusing it with a refreshed, more stylish, and aerodynamic design. This not only enhances its visual appeal but also improves its overall efficiency, contributing to a smoother and more eco-friendly ride.

Safety at Its Core

Safety is paramount when it comes to Tesla, and the Model 3 Highland is no exception. According to the Owner’s Manual, this electric sedan is equipped with a blind spot indicator discreetly integrated into the upper speaker grill of the driver’s door. This intuitive feature lights up or flashes when a vehicle enters the Model 3 Highland’s blind spot, adding an extra layer of safety to your driving experience.

Global Reach

The Model 3 Highland is already making waves on an international scale. Gigafactory Shanghai has commenced shipping Tesla Model 3 Highland units to Europe. European customers, including those in the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway, can expect to see these stunning vehicles on their roads between October and November 2023. Meanwhile, Tesla Model 3 Highland orders in China will be delivered by the fourth quarter of this year.

In conclusion, Tesla’s new Model 3 refresh from Project Highland promises an electrifying future for EV enthusiasts. With extended range, enhanced styling, and advanced safety features, it’s setting a new standard for electric sedans. As Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await its arrival, the Model 3 Highland is poised to reshape the landscape of sustainable transportation.

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