Tesla’s New Holiday Update Wins Over Fans With Never-Before-Seen Feature

New Tesla software has just been released which allows owners to use their Tesla cars as megaphones so it wouldn’t be surprising if you started having people talk to you through their Tesla’s on the road.

Tesla has begun to distribute a new “holiday update” this week, which is a bigger-than-usual software upgrade that usually comes with more additional fun features rather than practicalities.

Annoyingly, for older Tesla owners, the megaphone option is only available in 2019 and newer models due to the fact that they need to have the external speaker which is usually for pedestrian warning sounds.

Tesla introduced a “Boombox” function in last year’s holiday update, allowing owners to play pre-recorded sounds through the speaker. Now, with this year’s upgrade, Tesla is extending the “Boombox” functionality by adding a “megaphone” choice that allows drivers to use it as if it were a megaphone.

Watch below to see how the megaphone function works:

Tesla has enabled remote live view through Sentry Mode, which allows you to broadcast your voice to the car using the Tesla mobile app. It also appears to add some voice effects to what you’re saying while it’s being played in your vicinity through the speaker.

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