The Boring Company Finishes Its Las Vegas Tunnels

The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s less famous business endeavor, recently completed the second of its two Las Vegas Convention Center tunnels. The tunnels, which will be part of a Tesla-powered people-moving network, are supposed to open to passengers for the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021.

The plans call for a series of Model Xs, Model 3s, and even 12-person trams built around Model 3s, to shuttle people back and forth across the center’s massive campus. Following their test-track at SpaceX headquarters, these tunnels will mark the first Boring Company people-mover to go into business.

It has cost the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority a total of $52.5 million dollars, but will act as an attraction for future conferences, as well as a possible future avenue for other public transit projects. The two-minute ride in the Tesla vehicles, will significantly cut down on what was a 15-minute walk.

The Boring Company now needs to complete three stations along the track, one on either end and another in the middle, for passengers to disembark.

Where the shuttle vehicles will initially be driven by human chauffeurs, the convention center does intend to move towards autonomous services as they iron out any potential kinks with the system. Also, while they will have more vehicles for heavy convention traffic, they will usually have only one or two operational during normal non-peak hours.

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