The Cyberphone: A $7000 Case With Tesla Inspiration

So, you’re waiting around on your Cybertruck to ship, after dishing out the $100 reservation fee. It’s likely going to be a couple of years, but the future can’t wait, you need it now. Fortunately for you, the Cyberphone’s calling.

You’ve heard of the Escobar Fold, and like that, this new modified piece of gear offers an exclusive taste of luxury. That is, if it ships. Marques Brownlee recently got his hands on a Cyberphone, and treated us to an in-depth look.

The company behind the Cyberphone, Caviar, has taken an Iphone 11 Pro Max and wrapped in in aluminium, which they say will eventually be shipping as Titanium. As Brownlee points out, the $1,000 phone, with an additional $300 worth of metal, will sell for $6910.


That’s obviously expensive for an Iphone in a non-removable case. Caviar also makes a $100,000 gold clad Iphone. However, if you’ve simply got to have anything and everything cyber, well this is your best bet.

The Cyberphone, as bulky as it is, feature aggressive chimping on its sides, with a cutout for the sim card, and new button caps where needed. The metal adds a large bezel all the way around the screen, which some will find detracts from their experience.


There is an element of ruggedness that could appeal to buyers, but Brownlee actually broke the piece of glass on the phone’s back, after only dropping it once. This draws comparison to the Cybertruck launch event, and could be considered an Easter egg.

It seems like Brownlee has the “Lite” version of the Cyberphone, which actually costs several hundred less than the mid-range option. Don’t even get me started on the folding screen-protector adorned “Billionaire” version, or how the website says “To Increase by Price” as a filter option.

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