This Tesla Model 3 Was Unplugged During Charging By “Concerned Resident” Over Battery Fears

There’s still plenty of education that needs to happen around all-electric vehicles. Not only do you drive them differently to cars with internal combustion engines, but they come with different features, different pros and cons, and a number of dangers that aren’t found in ICE vehicles.

Or do they? Well, yes. Batteries do take a long time to put out if they ever combust, but overall, EVs are much safer than traditional cars, despite the fiction you see being pushed by some websites. No, batteries do not mean these cars are more dangerous than their petrol and diesel counterparts. In fact, these batteries are much, much safer.


This “concerned resident” has obviously never fact checked, as they unplug a Tesla Model 3 from its charging port because “overcharging in this heat will blow up this battery”. To add to this, they urge the owner of the Tesla to search “Tesla battery blowup”.

According to the Facebook account this story came from, it was only 86 degrees that day.

On top of this, the note was actually taped to the car next to the charging port, not just slipped under the windscreen wipers like most would do. Madness.

Obviously, this warning has no fact behind it. The Tesla’s systems don’t allow for overcharging, and 2020 figures state that there was only one car fire for every 205 million miles driven by Teslas across the world that year. To compare, data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and US Department of Transportation show that vehicle fires occur once per every 19 million miles travelled – much lower than that of Teslas.

Maybe Google it?

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