Unplugged Performance Reveals New Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser For Telsa Model S

Unplugged Performance, the self-named “world leader of Tesla performance tuning and customization”, has revealed their latest product to their 51,000 Facebook followers. Made for the Tesla Model S, this new carbon fiber front diffuser will find itself on the top of many parts lists as the Christmas holidays draw to a close.

The California-based company was co-founded in 2011 by Ben Schaffer and has its headquarters in Los Angeles and offers a range of products and services for Tesla owners, including performance upgrades, exterior modifications, and interior customization. Some of the products that the company offers include suspension kits, wheels,and brake kits to take your all-electric car to the next level.

Unplugged Performance has received positive reviews from customers and industry experts for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. The company has a strong following among Tesla owners and is known for its attention to detail and commitment to delivering the best possible experience for its customers. And this new product doesn’t sway from this.

Built from carbon fibre, the Autobahn Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser offers a sleep look with low drag and high downforce. And according to the company, it can be easily removed to make driving around the city a breeze. It also has “replaceable propriety carbon fiber” pads which shield it from knocks and dings.

“Outstanding work, a great design that adds to the lines of the car,” one follower of the company commented.

A second added: “Looks great, super low. Now make some sides and a rear.”

We can’t wait to see what Unplugged come out with next, but as we just added to our own Tesla Reporter Garage, we’re hoping they shift a little of their focus to the Model X Plaid……

Product Details

It is engineered for ultimate aerodynamic performance. What does that mean? For any high-performance electric vehicle, that means focusing on both efficiency and downforce to maximize cornering while minimizing energy used and motor heat produced from acceleration into wind resistance. We want to work against the air as little as possible. Air resistance is exponential and incredibly strong as speeds increase. With the 200mph potential of the Plaid platform, we feel that this is a critical modification for safety and performance for those that will use the car on track or on the autobahn. Constructed in autoclaved dry carbon fiber with extra layers for durability, this front diffuser is designed to reduce the amount of air flowing under the vehicle and smooth airflow around the front tires and does so very effectively.

Designed to match the performance needs of Model S-APEX and all Model S owners who seek improved track performance, high-speed stability, and efficiency.
Reducing drag and adding downforce while keeping the entire package usable on the street was a massive challenge.
We developed special removable and replaceable proprietary carbon fiber Aero Pads that allow you to run a more track-focused setup when desired or opt for maximum ground clearance for daily use, or split the difference with the half-height pad.
As the pads wear, they not only are easily replaceable but also protect your diffuser from wear and tear.

Full Pre-Preg Dry Carbon Fiber Construction with Bulletproof Carbon Kevlar Reinforcement for durability
Replaceable included Half-Height and Full-Height removable Aero Pads for easy replacement.
Choice of right height Aero Pad for your needs (8mm or 16mm depth)
No-drill installation using original mounting hardware and 3m automotive tape
Fits all 2021+ Telsa Model S Varients (S-APEX Plaid, Plaid, and Long Range)
Compatible with Unplugged Performance Racing Brake Duct Kit
Allows a wider selection of wheels and tires within the aerodynamic efficacy design
Improves stability by reducing front lift at high speeds

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