Upcoming Mercedes EQS Will have 435-Miles of Electric Range

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that their EQS production model will have 435-miles of WLTP range when released. The electric flagship will be in line with Mercedes S-Class luxury sedans, and be their first true-EV platform.

In contrast, their current EQC electric vehicle is based on a gas powertrain, and couldn’t hope to achieve the higher range of the EQS.

The operative difference in the two models design, is that the EQS has been tailored from the ground up to be electric. It’s skateboard system is what allows it go so far on a charge.

In fact, the Concept EQS has two motors which produce 469 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque. Even though that’s a lot of power, Mercedes has balanced it out by using a very large battery.


They haven’t specified exactly how large that battery will be, but it’s over 100 kWh.

If that weren’t enough, Mercedes has been talking about using and 800-volt system, as we’ve seen in the Porsche Taycan. That allows for faster potential charging, and increased performance output under load for longer times.

A 0 – 60 time of 4.5 seconds has been suggested, but depending on weight, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a little faster.

We can’t wait to get a good look at the production EQS, since it will probably look substantially different from the concept model. The latter has a distinct two-tone silver and black paint job, which would probably not be as popular as a black version. The wheels can stay though!


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