Video: Tesla Model Y Goes Off-Road, Drifts, And 0-60MPH Acceleration

The new Tesla Model Y is hitting social media thanks to owners who have just taken delivery, so now we’re finally able to get a taste of what the new crossover is capable of. Specifically, we’re looking at videos of the car not only performing a 0-60 bout of acceleration, but drifting and driving off-road. If you’re interested in purchasing or have one of these on its way, this is definitely something you’ll want to see.

Let’s begin with the off-road portion of this piece. We’ve only just learnt about this thanks to the owner’s manual which sports a section on the ‘Off-Road Assist’ mode. Here’s what it says:

Off-Road Assist is designed to provide overall improvements when driving offroad. In addition to allowing the wheels to spin, Off-Road Assist balances the torque between the front and rear motors to optimize traction. Off-Road Assist improves traction on rough and soft surfaces where one side of the vehicle may lose traction while the other side still has traction. When Off-Road Assist is on, the accelerator pedal provides more gradual torque, which is useful for crawling at low speeds (for example, over rocky surfaces). When enabled, OFFROAD displays on the touchscreen above the driving speed.

Out of Spec Motoring shared a video on their Twitter account of the car crawling over some mildly off-road surfaces.

As you can see, the dip in the terrain shows us that it’s capable of transferring power to the correct wheel to keep the car moving. I’d like to see it being tested on something a bit more challenging, but if you’re looking to buy a Tesla to take off-road, it’s worth sticking to the upcoming Cybertruck.

The same team adjusts the car into dyno mode and makes it slide around a track. You can see that here:

You can see the full video on their channel now, and I’ll embed the video below.

DÆrik on YouTube was also able to upload a 0-60mph launch for the Model Y, which you can see below.

0-60mph comes in between 3.30 and 3.42 seconds.

Have you received your Model Y yet? Let us know in the comments below…

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