Watch As Man Hurls Rock At Tesla Model 3 In Random Attack

Perhaps they should have used a Model 3 when they wanted to demonstrate how indestructible the glass on Teslas is rather than the Cybertruck. In this video, we see a male who was reportedly under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or possibly both) throw a large stone at a Model 3’s windscreen as it passed by.

It was the rock that actually shattered, while the windshield remained structurally sound. According to a subsequent account, all of the improvised missile strewn about the glass left a minor scratch but nothing devastating. Other than the fact that it occurred in Portland, Oregon, we don’t have much information about this incident.

When the Tesla driver was minding his own business, driving his Model 3, an assailant approached the car on the side of a road and threw a rock at it. It was most likely a less dense type of rock that shattered easily, since the stone did not shatter the windscreen; it also wasn’t very big, which helped to keep the glass intact.

Just a minor “rock chip.” 😬
by u/psygist in TeslaModel3

Furthermore, had the glass shattered while the vehicle was in motion, it could have injured the driver, who would’ve been struck by the rock and shards of glass. There have also been deaths in the past linked to events like this, so pelting cars is a method for individuals to get hurt and themselves incarcerated – hopefully that person who threw the rock in the video got arrested but we are yet to hear clarification on this.

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