Watch Tesla Model S Autopilot Swerve To Avoid Head-On Collision

While driving on Highway 49 near the Cabarrus arena in Concord, North Carolina, a Tesla Model S swerved to avoid a head-on collision, according to the Tesla owner.

Bret Peters, the owner of the car, explained how he had put the car into Autopilot and felt it swerve, but didn’t know why.

He told FOX 46 the following:

“I initially looked down to see what was going on with the car and why it was reacting or why it was braking. When I looked up I saw the vehicle in my lane and before I could even put my foot on the brake it had started changing lanes.”

The incident was caught on the Tesla’s camera, the clip of which we, unfortunately, can’t show you on this website, but you can the TeslaCam video by clicking here. The video shows an oncoming car swerve off the road as it gets closer to the Tesla, and the Tesla itself changing lanes in the opposite direction to avoid it.

Peters explains further regarding the importance of Autopilot:

“It’s sobering how dangerous it is driving at night and I make that commute twice a day every day. It’s right at an hour each direction. That’s a lot of miles and a lot of time on the road and knowing that I have that safety feature is huge.”

When asked about if Autopilot is a danger to drivers, he answers:

“Get over yourself. Technology is faster and more responsive and it’s paying attention even when you’re not.”

Tesla has always maintained that Autopilot is not a fully-autonomous feature. The driver still has to focus on the road as much as they would if they were driving themselves. They need to be watching the road while also keeping their hands on the wheel.

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