Watch The Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Beat the McLaren F1’s Lap Time

The McLaren F1’s lap time at Tsukuba Circuit has been beaten by a highly modified Tesla Model 3 by Unplugged Performance. The package, which they named the Tesla Model 3 Ascension R, was tested at the famous circuit and the record lap was recorded.

Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance, said this about the memorable day:

“After Tokyo Auto Salon we had our friend Ken take the car to Tsukuba Circuit to participate in an open track day event. Ken had never driven a Tesla before and is an amateur (but skilled) driver who tracks his tuned Honda Civic at Tsukuba. The car’s setting is the same as Erik’s street specifications, there are no changes to height or parts between street spec and the spec shown. The car has full interior, factory front bumper ground clearance (although a lower front diffuser is coming), and tasteful performance modifications that can be driven daily without compromise. The racing coilovers on the car are quickly hand adjustable and the damping was dialed up more firm for track driving. Tires used are factory OE (original equipment) supplied tires that came standard on all Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997) new deliveries, they are not a racing semi-slick DOT tire. The 911 GT3 RS model from which these tires are borrowed has a fastest recorded lap on the same tires of 1:04.51 (1.2 seconds slower than the Unplugged Performance Model 3 Ascension-R which borrows the exact same tire). This helps create a more balanced comparison as the Unplugged Performance Ascension-R Model 3 is designed to be a factory style tuned sports car similar to a GT3, whereas the Porsche GT3 RS goes even further with factory roll bars, further weight reduction and bigger wings. Both the UP Ascension-R and the GT3 RS use carbon ceramic brakes, another similarity.”

Watch the video below:

The Tesla Model 3 Ascension R has the following upgrades:

  • Unplugged Performance Ascension Front Bumper
  • Unplugged Performance Ascension Carbon Side Skirts
  • Unplugged Performance Ascension Carbon Rear Bumper
  • Unplugged Performance Ascension Carbon Rear Diffuser Fins
  • Unplugged Performance by Voltex Carbon GT Wing
  • Unplugged Performance UP-04 Superlight Forged 20×10.5 Wheel Set with Michelin 305/30ZR20 Cup 2 Tires
  • Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit
  • Unplugged Performance 6 Piston 15.5 Inch Carbon Ceramic Big Brake Kit
  • Unplugged performance Billet Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms
  • Unplugged Performance 3 Way Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit
  • Unplugged Performance Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arms
  • Unplugged Performance Billet Adjustable Rear Toe Arms
  • Unplugged Performance Carbon Racing Bucket Seat Set (utilizing Tesla plaid design)
  • Unplugged Performance Seat Rail Set
  • Unplugged Performance by Willans Racing Harness Set
  • Unplugged Performance Superlight 64 Titanium Lugnuts
  • Unplugged Performance Competition Brake Pads
  • Unplugged Performance Sport Brake Lines

Fancy one? We sure do.

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